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These are my photographs, some very old, some quite recent. Some of them were scanned from slides or negatives, some taken with digital cameras.

My articles on technical aspects of photography, mostly digital, can be found in the Photo section of this site.

Pages listed here are grouped roughly by contents (mostly geographically). While the exact assignment of a given page to a group can be often disputable (some may belong to more than one), this should make the navigation a bit easier.

Most recently posted

Tajikistan, 1974 — some archival pictures, recently digitized and converted to monochrome Urban Sunsets (mostly panoramas) in my old hometown of Łódź, Poland

American West

Bryce Canyon, Utah — definitely something to put on your bucket list.
Devils Tower in Wyoming — just a piece of rock, but a huge one. Yellowstone, the one and only: geysers, hot springs, mountains and wildlife; all this on top of an active volcano.
Grand Tetons in Wyoming, another part of the American West worth seeing. Southern Arizona — from Phoenix to Tucson and the Mexican border.
Death Valley, California: The place needs no introduction; here are some pictures from a 2004 trip. Monument Valley on the Arizona-Utah border, one of the most breathtaking places you will ever see.
Around Taos in New Mexico: Adobe walls in the sun and bright colors, just asking to be photographed. Mesa Verde, Colorado: Anasazi cliff dwellings, stone palaces built 300 years before Columbus.

Eastern U.S.

Calvert Cliffs, a state park in Maryland: a monochrome gallery. The National Aquarium in Baltimore — sharks, coral reefs and more; shooting in the dark.
Ocracoke in the Outer Banks: Long, uncrowded beaches, killer sunsets, relaxed pace of life. Ocracoke Fireworks: A Fourth of July show over the Silver Lake Harbor on this picturesque Outer Banks island.
Maryland Renfest in Crownsville; a great opportunity for people-watching and taking pictures. Maryland Renessaince Festival — an encore visit five years later.
Dogs on their own beach in Annapolis, MD. Who said only humans can have fun, frolicking in the water?

Mexico and the Caribbeans

Anguilla, one of the least overdeveloped island-states, with possibly the best beaches in the Caribbeans. Dominica, one of the last unspoiled islands in the Caribbeans.
Barbados: Very British and very Caribbean; pictures from a '2005 trip to this most enjoyable place.
Chichen-Itza on the Yucatan Peninsula: a millennium-old city of the Maya civilization. Mexico's Caribbean Coast: a perfect cure for the Winter spleen, and a photographer's paradise.
Isla Mujeres, Mexico: the quieter side of the Mayan Riviera. Tulum in Mexico on the Caribbean coast: Mayan ruins and miles of pristine beaches.


The streets of Tokyo: The ultimate big city experience, and always a pleasure to visit. Kyoto, Japan: Another installment of my Japanese image collection.
The monkeys of Iwatayama: A bunch of happy monkeys, roaming a mountain near Kyoto, Japan.


Kazimierz near Łódź, Polanda modest, parochial church, strikingly pretty inside; a photographer's delight.
Tatra Mountains in Poland revisited (if just for three days), always an opportunity for some pictures. Kazimierz Dolny: A folk festival in this tiny, picturesque Polish town.
Hiking the Polish Tatras: mountain vistas from the main ridge. The Tatra foothills: a walk in the foothills of the picturesque Tatra Mountains in Poland.
Kraków in Poland: One of the most charming European cities, with so many photographic opportunities. Some old photographs from Poland: landscapes, Autumn foliage, my old hometown of Łódź.

Russia and Central Asia

Moscow, 1970 — perhaps the oldest pictures posted at this site, and my first trip to Russia, followed by many others.
Bukhara in Uzbekistan, well past its glory as a major center and a trading post on the Great Silk Road. Khiva, Uzbekistan: A few monochrome images of what used to be one of the dominant cities in Central Asia.

Plants and animals

Jane's Irises: A friend plants over a thousand varieties in her garden every year. Jane's Irises Revisited — another take on a familiar subject.
What's happening on my patio: what's growing and blooming out there. In a Garden Store — colors and shapes for a photographer's pleasure.
The Critters: some early digital samples of animal photographs.

None of the above

Agnieszka's Gallery, 2003: Some pictures taken by my wife, who also developed interest in photography. Agnieszka's Gallery, 2005: More pictures by my wife, Agnieszka: American East and West.
Some of my past Pictures of the Week (month, whatever), not available anywhere else on the site. The Beauty of Infrared: Some examples of pictures taken in the invisible, infrared light.
A few pictures of my son, Greg, taken when he was still handholdable.

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