Photo Bytes

A few articles related to computer use in photogtraphy. Page under development.
  • Look, Ma, no Tripod!: shooting fireworks from hand — discussion, procedure, and examples (2018/05/28)
  • Flipper and Swapper — two HTML tools I wrote, for browsing and comparing images: what they do and how to use them in your own Web development (2018/05/18)
  • Best Browsers for Viewing Pictures — all major players under Windows compared, plus some general remarks (2017/07/04 upd. 2018/05/03))
  • The GPD Pocket Mini — a tiny yet capable Windows computer fitting intto any camera bag (2018/05/28 upd.2018/05/03)
  • A Photographer's Laptop — your ultra-light options, last updated in January and still not done (2017/06/18 upd. 2018/05/02)
  • Is It All in Postprocessing? — a landscape case study, showing how postprocessing may turn everything upside down (2018/05/11)
  • Paint Shop Pro Effect Filters — a selection of those, applied to a San Juan street scene (2017/12/13)

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