Kalkulator in Pictures

This is the main screen of Kalkulator. Note the tabbed panels with multiple pages.
If the full Kalkulator window, shown above, is too much, you can switch to the "basic" mode, hiding the Application Panel and graph buttons. You can also remove the menu and title bar in order to save screen space.
Kalkulator can even shrink to this size, if needed. All expression evaluation functions are still accessible from the keyboard.
Here I have generated a statistics of random numbers (gamma distribution) and plotted a histogram. The list on the right shows the parameters of the sample. Then I've added the original distribution function to the graph. Now, try to do it with any of the "ultimate calculators"!
Another statistical application: a scatter plot of some data points, fitted with fifth and second degree polynomials.
The buffer holding statistical data points (X or XY) has an editor for data entry and manipulation. You can enter any expression as a data point.
All dialog boxes requesting numerical input will also accept arithmetic expressions. Here a plot range dialog is shown.
This is the dialog box converting calculation results between various units of measurement.
A computer math module performs operations on 32-, 16-, or 8-bit words, in binary, octal, hexadecimal, or decimal mode, signed or unsigned. It uses stack and memory registers, works in Reverse Polish Notation.
The Linear Algebra Panel offers operations on vectors and square matrices, including matrix inversion and linear equation systems.
This is how you enter, view or modify matrices or vectors. Just highlight any element and start typing; any arithmetic expression can be used as input.
This small panel is used to find real or complex roots of polynomial equations up to the fourth degree. The results can be stored in Kalkulator variables.
A personal registration key file will enable for you the enhanced features of Kalkulator. It will work with all future releases (16- and 32-bit), without time or version number limit.

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