Bits and Pieces

This is a grab bag of articles which did not fit anywhere else in my photography section. Some of them have now (2013) only historical meaning, some are still current, and if you have problems finding some piece you might have seen in my pages, use the handy Search This Site feature.

  • LumiQuest ProMax System: the handiest gadget money can buy for your external flash. (Replaced by a newer version since?)
  • Epson P-2000 (P-4000) image storage/viewer — a great hardware with some flaws in the software. (From today's perspective this is clunky and clumsy; thw worst-spent $500 I can recall.)
  • A seven-dollar tabletop studio, easy to setup and use, for better pictures of small objects. (This article will always be current.)

Two more articles, both listed also in my technical Nitty-Gritty section, but possibly easier to find when included here:

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