Almost-Infrared Photography

with the Olympus C-3000Z

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C-3000Z with the almost-infrared Wratten #70

The Wratten #70 filter (the one I have is of the old, East-German make) cuts the light off at about 40 nanometers below the cut-off of the #89B. This does not seem like much, but is enough for the white foliage effect to disappear, although the results are also quite pleasing.

More importantly, the exposure factor I measured with this filter on the C-3000Z was consistently close to 130x (7 EV), so that I could often get away without a tripod.

I still occasionally shoot with the #70, if not for the typical IR effect, then for the almost-black sky and pleasing tonality.

Here are some examples, just the final results after desaturation and tonal adjustment. (The images are clickable.)

The village of Cyrhla near Zakopane, Poland The lighthouse at Ocracoke, North Carolina
Outer Banks, North Carolina Ocracoke Island, North Carolina

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