Keep Track of Your System Uptime

Uptime Snooper (for friends just UpSnoop) is a small, simple, and robust program to monitor the time when your computer system (running Windows 9x/ME or NT/2000/XP) stays up.

It will show the current time up as well as the total and average for all runs to date. It will also keep a text log. Most of the time it will just shrink to an icon in your taskbar icon tray.

For computers with the "suspend" feature (not only notebooks), UpSnoop will deduct the time the computer was in suspend state (i.e. off but not rebooted).

This functionality will be useful to system administrators who need to know how long do their systems stay up, but also to many computer users who just like knowing such things.

As an additional feature, Upsnoop can also watch up to five selected programs (including non-windowed ones), optionally reviving these which are detected as not running. This is handy for applications which have to run unattended.
For this use, the Upsnoop window can be made smaller and kept on the desktop all the time, if needed. The watched program names are shown as fly-by hints over their respective buttons.

Uptime Snooper is free for personal use. — Uptime Snooper for Windows 95..XP (Version 2.11, 2006/10/25)
New in this version: number of watched programs increased from five to eight; day count display option.
Webmasters: Here is the Uptime Snooper PAD XML to include into your shareware and freeware listings.

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