Computing Areas of Polygons

[Download] polyar.zip - PolyAr for Windows (console application) (1.20, 2001/08/13)
New in Version 1.20: Recompiled as a 32-bit console application to avoid problems under Windows 2000 or XP; no functional changes.

What Does PolyAr Do?

PolyAr is a tiny (just 24k) console application computing the area of a polygon on a flat surface (this approximation works well on the spherical Earth as long as the polygon size is not larger than a few hundred miles or kilometers across).

The polygon can be defined by its vertices (corner points) either by their (x,y) coordinates or by giving for each vertex its distance and azimuth from the previous one.

Very few people need this program, but those who do, need it badly. It can be used in surveying, landscaping and real estate — but also in carpentry or other shop applications.

PolyAr is free for personal and small business use; for corporate users a modest license fee is needed (quotes on request; additional documentation included, custom modifications available).


The program runs as a console application under any 32-bit Windows (95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, or XP).


A small text file, readme.1st, included in the distribution archive, contains instructions how to run PolyAr.

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