A Sci/Eng Calculator for HP LX Palmtops and DOS

ex-lx.zip Ex/LX for HPLX Palmtops (1.55A, 2003/07/31)
ex-pc.zip Ex/PC for DOS (1.55A, 2002/07/31)

In Version 1.55A (DOS only!) the executable has been patched to make the Turbo Pascal code run under Windows XP on faster computers. The patch does not affect how the program runs on HPLX palmtops. The documentation also has been updated.

Further development of Ex will be limited only to bug fixes, if any bugs are discovered.

If you have an HP Palmtop, do any calculations beyond balancing your checkbook, and still haven't heard about Ex, then something is not right. Well, one more time...

Ex is a powerful numerical tool for HP LX 95/100/200 users. It provides all functionality of an expression evaluating calculator (with 100 or so of built-in functions), but has many features absent in calculators (or calculator programs): unit conversion, function graphs, statistical operations (including histograms, sample parameters and polynomial regression), linear algebra (equation systems, matrix inversion etc.).

The program is aimed at engineers and scientists - but not only; I know a carpenter who is using Ex mostly for its feet/inches handling capabilities (not just conversions).

There is also a "regular" DOS version of Ex available. You may be interested in it if you are not running Windows on your PC. (Windows users will be better off using my Kalkulator.)

Some users of older laptops, with limited memory and disk space, may find Ex a lifesaver (takes less than 200k of disk space, runs in less than 200k of memory).

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