Program versions for Windows 3.1

This is the download page for the 16-bit versions of my programs. You need these versions if you are still running the "old" Windows 3.1.

No further development continues for the 16-bit platform, therefore the program versions posted here were chosen carefully only after they haven't shown any problems in a long run.

All these programs have newer 32-bit equivalents, running on all 32- or 64-bit Windows, up to the infamous WIndows 8; click here if that's what you are looking for.

[Download] — Kalkulator/16 for Windows 3.1 (2.19, 98/11/06)
[Download] — Midget/16 for Windows 3.1 (1.23, 98/11/06)
[Download] — Spheric/16 for Windows 3.1 (1.01, 98/05/29)

Unfortunately, I cannot any longer offer registrations for these 16-bit progams, as I'm not able to support them, having no computer running the "old" Windows 3.1. You are free to use the evaluation versions for any time you choose, but that's it.

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