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This part of Photo is a collection of digital photography articles I wrote for the Olympus Circle Quest newsletter (see below).

List of articles

New articles are added here four times a year, about three months after the original publication in the Quest. The most recent ones are listed at the top. If applicable and required, articles are updated at the time of being posted here.

I am a bit behind with doing this; in this update (December, 2009) I just added the piece on lenses from 18 months ago (up to date now!). I hope to start catching up with one article a month.

Why Quest?

The first time you found yourself in my photography section, it was most probably through a search engine. In particular, Google seems to like these pages — maybe because they are hand-coded (without all the redundant fluff generated by HTML-authoring applications), maybe because they do not contain the ballast of advertising.

This also may be the reason why so may people seeking information on non-digital Olympus cameras get here; I'm receiving quite a lot of emails regarding those (the OM and Pen series, even XA). Wrong place: I'm not an expert on film-based Olympus cameras!

The Olympus Circle

I happen to know some experts, though. The UK-based Olympus Circle consists of dedicated Olympus users and collectors from all over the world.

They also publish a quarterly newsletter, the Quest, delightful to read and nicely printed. Information on how to join the Olympus Circle can be found here.

(The yearly membership rates are 15 within the UK, 17 elsewhere in Europe, and 20 outside, which I consider a bargain for anyone seriously interested in Olympus cameras, and not only.)

Starting from Spring, 2004, I've been writing for the Quest a column on digital photography. Not easy: writing for knowledgeable and dedicated amateur photographers and collectors, mostly interested in film cameras!

As much as I enjoy that writing, I like even more reading the pieces by other writers, dealing with various Olympus cameras of yesteryear. Even not being an Olympus collector (I may yet become one!), I read every Quest issue from cover to cover.

Printed vs. Web version

My articles are posted here with a delay of three months (or more), only after the next issue has been sent to the subscribers; this is in order not to distract the readership from the printed version. The latter is usually translated from my Polish-American, heavily-accented English into the British version of the language by the kind and patient Quest editor, John Foster. On the other hand, the Web version is published as originally submitted, warts and all, but it may be updated and otherwise improved.

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