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on the C-5050Z, C-5060WZ, and C-7070WZ cameras

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I'm often asked for advice on setting the eight "My Mode" settings available in these cameras. This is not a "one size fits all" situation, and the solution depends on your needs and preferences.

Still, after the first three months of using the '5050, I settled down on eight sets of parameters which I found most useful, at least for my own usage. After more than a year with the camera, I not only keep the settings (with minor refinements), but I'm also using them on the newer C-5060WZ.

The table below shows these settings for presets #1..4. I'm keeping #5..8 dedicated to quick, manual-focus shooting (see a separate article on this subject).

My presets shown here have been assigned to the most typical shooting situations — most typical for me, that is: outdoors without flash, indoors with, night street, and tabletop macro. At some time you may decide to reassign some of them to what fits your needs.

Mode No. 1 2 3 4
Applicability Outdoors Indoors Night Macro
Eq. Focal Length 35 mm n/a
Focusing Mode Auto Focus S.Macro
Exposure Mode Program Aperture Priority
Aperture, F/ n/a 5.6
ISO setting Auto 100 400 100
White balance Auto Auto Sunny Auto
Drive Mode Single Frame
Flash Off On Off


  1. You cannot set the focal length in the "Super Macro" mode (#4); the camera fixes it at about 59 mm EFL.
  2. In the night mode (#3) you may choose to set the exposure compensation to -0.3 or -0.7; this works best for me at least.
  3. In #1, "Auto" ISO means practically ISO 64 — the camera almost never chooses anything higher than the lowest setting. The '5060 moves of its baseline 80 ISO somewhat more easily under gloomier conditions.
  4. When shooting outdoors I prefer to keep the flash off, and to use forced fill explicitly only.
  5. The "On" setting indoors (#2) is really "Red Eye".
  6. The "Night" preset is intended mostly for brightly lit city streets. This is the only preset in which I have the noise reduction feature activated by default, and the white balance is set to "Sunny" (yes!).
  7. All these presets have Sharpness at -2, Contrast at -1, and Saturation at +1. Although I found these settings reasonable, your taste may differ.

On focal length setting: Looks like the focal length setup is not so easy to find, as I'm still getting emails asking how do it. The complete sequence (an example) is:

Mode Menu > Setup > My Mode Setup > Custom > My Mode 3 > Zoom > 80 mm

Now, this should leave no doubts...

Additionally, my setup is also customized in two other aspects:

  • The custom button (on the top right of the camera body) switches between "My Mode" presets;
  • The three available positions on the initial shortcut menu are assigned to ISO, white balance, and image quality.

My other pages related to the Olympus C-5050Z, C-5060WZ, and X-7070WZ

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