Update History

Version 2.34 — 2007/04/18

A new option in the pop-up menu: Redraw All (Ignore Limits) — works like Redraw All, but any variable limits specified in graph descriptions will be ignored; the limits will be computed based on data point values. (See the /i command line switch.)

Version 2.32 — 2006/11/01

One minor enhancement and one bug fix have been added:

  • The Edit File option in the pop-up menu provides a quick access to setup and data files.
  • An execution error occuring sometimes in rounding negative graph limits (i.e., when these limits were not specified in the setup) has been corrected.

Version 2.3 — 2006/10/25

This version adds a number of new features:

  • Text selectors can be used to define the text which will be used to identify a data point clicked upon in a scatter plot (easy identification of outliers).
  • The new Banned parameter in a graph (or graph layer) description can be used to exclude points from being drawn.
  • A runtime /i command line switch has been added to disable graph limit definitions from the inifile.
  • The new [Filters] section in the inifile can be used to reject outliers from graphing and statistics calculations.
  • Page tabs can be placed at any of the screen window sides, not just at the bottom; number of tabs per row can also be defined.
  • The pop-up menu has options to save screenshots of the current tab or all tabs.

Version 2.0 — 2005/10/25

Another major upgrade, following a number of internal updates. Three significant additions or modifications in this version:

  • New feature: text selectors. Data points can be included into graphs with a requirement that a given column of the data table contains a given text.
  • New organization of layers within scatter plots: each (optional) layer is now defined in its own sub-sub-section of the inifile.

    Note: users of previous versions of StatMaster who have multi-layer scatter plots defined in their inifiles will have to convert these definitions to the new standard. As much as I regret this trouble, the new system is better.

  • Parameter fallback fully implemented: if a parameter is not defined on the graph level, it will be looked up at the page level; if not found, then in the [Pages] section. It this version the rule is applied without any exceptions.

In addition there are improvements to error diagnostics.

Version 1.50 — 2005/08/10

This major upgrade follows a number of internal minor ones, which were not released to general public; all changes are listed together.

  • Cascading defaults have been added in the inifile: a parameter not defined in a graph section will be inherited from the relevant page section; if not there — from the [Pages] section.
  • Data items can be also defined as sum, difference, product, or ratio of two table columns.
  • The Required parameter allows for graphing only data points for which given items, other than the graphed one(s), exist.
  • A capability to save graph pages as bitmap files has been added, with automatic file naming.
  • The data file can define values using the time format, like 13:45:38.
  • The LeftIn option added to histograms, allowing you to choose how points on a borderline between two bins are treated.

Version 1.30 — 2004/03/16

First public release posted at

  • Added better diagnostics for inifile errors, version information.
  • The Redraw menu operation re-reads setup and data.

Version 1.20 — 2004/02/25

  • Added multiple variants of line and scatter plots; user-selectable graph markers.
  • Improved and simplified the inifile command structure.
  • Added documentation file.

Version 1.10 — 2003/07/18

Added line plots.

Version 1.00 — 2001/07

Cleaned up and made presentable enough to be included as a data presentation back end for an air traffic simulation system.

Version 0.01 — 1998

Original version intended as a quick hack to graph data output by various text-mode programs. This version was circulated informally, with a few undocumented updates in the following two years.

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